Fundraising Tips

At Home

  • Send an e-mail out to your friends, family and coworkers that directs them to our site and explains why this cause is important to you. They can donate to us directly on our site. The convenience of being able to click and donate securely with a credit card makes fundraising simple.


  • Ask friends and family to donate to your fundraising rather than buy you a gift for a special occasion, like your birthday or a holiday. 

  • Organize a fundraising event at a local restaurant or other business that might be willing to donate part of its proceeds that night to Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. 


  •  Give something up (a movie, manicure, or a dinner out) and contribute what you would have spent to the event. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.


  • Send a letter, postcard, or email to update potential donors on your progress. Let people know how you are doing in reaching your fundraising goals and tell them something about colon cancer. In addition to updating your friends and family, it will serve as a reminder for those who haven’t donated yet!


  • Most email programs give you the ability to create your own signature at the bottom your message. This is a great way to let both personal and business contacts know that you are participating in this year's Walk and Roll for KIDS. 


At Work

  • See if your employer matches donations.


  • Ask human resources if you can go Casual for a Cause. If your office has business professional or business casual dress, co-workers may make a donation to Kids Center in exchange for a dress down day. 


  • In the lunchroom or break room, leave a stack of donation forms and a sign with a picture of yourself and a note about why you are fundraising. 

  • Make a jar to collect change and decorate it with a picture of you or the person you are participating to support. This is a great way to get friends involved. Ask them put a jar in their home or office too. 

In the Community

  • Gift baskets and raffles are a fun way to raise money. Think about people you know who might want to donate an item or service to be raffled off. It’s great publicity for them!   
  • Have a yard sale or a bake sale at work and donate the proceeds to Kids Center.       


  • Take your fundraising letter and event information with you everywhere. You never know when an opportunity will pop up. 

  • Ask your local place of worship to address the congregation. Share your commitment to helping those suffering with colon cancer and lack of awareness about the importance of screening and early detection. Ask if a special collection can be taken up for the cause. 

  • If you’re from a small community, your efforts to make sure that no child gets turned away becuase of their family's inability to pay may make great news. Call your local paper and see if they will write a piece about you. Include ways for people from your community to get involved and donate. 

  • Host a party at your home and ask for contributions toward your fundraising goal. If you have a personal tie to the cause, incorporate pictures of your friends or family with special needs into the party.